REEport Projects

REEport (Research, Education, and Extension Project Online Reporting Tool) is NIFA’s non-capacity grant (including competitive) and capacity grant project reporting system. REEport is the vehicle through which NIFA performs its required data collection for research project initiation and progress reporting. This information collection is necessary in order to provide descriptive information regarding individual research, education, extension, and integrated activities and to document expenditures and staff support, as well as monitor the progress and impact of such activities. REEport replaced the CRIS web forms system (1966-2013).

REEport Departmental Representatives

  • AEAB – Tonya Foster
  • AEED – Dana Harris
  • AGSL – Anna Gray
  • ANSC – Jamie Newberry and Bryan Rhodes
  • BAEG – Linda Pate
  • CSES – Daniela Kidd
  • ENTO – Cindy Morley
  • FDSC – Debra Milburn
  • HES – Kim Neyman
  • HORT – Cindy Kuhns
  • PLPA – Cindy Morley
  • POSC – Patrice Sims
  • UAMF – Valerie Harvey
  • XASU – Spring Sneed

REEport Contact

Jessica Hilton

REEport Site Administrator

Phone: 479-502-9825


University of Arkansas System
Division of Agriculture
AAES Business Office 
173 DTAS
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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